This section will be regularly updated with questions that are commonly asked and useful information regarding the ESERA2015 Abstract Submission and Review process and the Conference Programme in general.

  • What can I do when the system does not accept my pdf when I am trying to submit to eProceedings? The systems keeps giving a message "The eBook version should be in pdf format" but it is a pdf.

     The website is getting a lot of traffic now as we are nearing the deadline for eProceedings submissions. If your browser gets stuck or you get an error message (e.g. "The eBook version should be in pdf format"), please try a different browser (e.g. Chrome instead of Internet Explorer), it usually works. We apologize for any troubles. The problem seems to be that the system sometimes acts up with certain browsers, not the pdf itself.

  • When will the notification be sent regarding the conference proposal review outcome?

    The review process was fully completed by the beginning of May. All notifications about the review process have be emailed for the authors (who submitted the proposals), beginning from early March 2015. If you have not received your notification, please send us an email at info-esera2015 ( at ) You may also check the outcome of your proposal at any time through Participants Login, bottom left of the ESERA2015 webpage.

  • I logged into my account. The status of my proposal states "Strand Validated", what does it mean?

    It means that you have selected the right strand for your proposal. In case the chosen strand is not suitable, the strand chairs or the international scientific committee will choose a right strand before the proposal is sent for review.

  • Do I need to register as a member of ESERA before submitting an abstract?

    To submit an abstract you must have an ESERA member account.  However you do not have to be up-to-date with your payments.  If, when submitting the abstract, you do not already have an active or expired member account and do not wish to become a registered member, it is possible to become a temporary member which does not entail any fee. However on approval of the proposal, all presenting authors will need to be active ESERA members and registered for the Conference otherwise the abstract will be removed from the Conference Programme and Book of Abstracts.

  • Do all co-authors need to be registered for the ESERA Conference in order to appear in the Book of Abstracts?

    When submitting an abstract, every author and participant included in the abstract must have an active, expired or temporary ESERA member account, since you will require the email address of their member account in order to include them in the abstract submission.  However, on approval of the abstract, only presenting authors and participants will need to be active ESERA members and be registered for the ESERA 2015 Conference for the abstract to be included in the Conference Programme and Book of Abstracts.  Therefore co-authors, with the exception of the presenting author, do not need to pay for the ESERA membership and Conference registration fees unless they wish to attend the Conference.

  • I cannot remember my ESERA membership login details; how do I retrieve them?

    If you cannot remember your ESERA Username or Password, you can obtain it from the Login Reminder page on the ESERA website.

  • Where can I find the format and word limit guidelines for abstracts?

    Details regarding the formats of the proposals and the word limits that apply can be found on the Conference formats and Length of Proposals pages of the website.

  • I am trying to submit an abstract; do I need to start over again each time I want to resume editing or can I save and edit my submission?

    No, you do not need to start over each time you wish to resume editing your abstract submission.

    The abstract submission form requires time to complete, especially in the case of Symposia, and it is understandable that you will need to save it and return to it at a later time.  You do not need to restart from the beginning each time.  Simply log into the Participants' login page using your ESERA username and password and edit the abstract that you have submitted.  The content you entered will be saved each time you submit a specific section of the form.

    The Participants' login page will also allow you to view all the abstracts that are related with your member account.

  • I am preparing my abstract submission; should the author details be included in the body of the abstract/summary?

    No, any names or any other information about authors should not be included in the abstract nor in the summary. They should be blinded for the review process. The online form contains a separate section for entering information about authors as well as, in the case of symposia, any other abstract participants. So please exclude the authors from the abstract and summary you prepare and follow the structure of the online abstract submission form; once you start completing the online abstract submission form it will be clear where you need to enter the abstract, summary, author information as well as other details relating to your abstract submission. The proposal is not submitted until you press the SUBMIT button right at the end.

  • How / where do I enter the abstract authors and co-authors?

    Abstract authors / co-authors are entered in the paper section.  More specifically:

    • when submitting an oral paper, Interactive Poster Presentation, or ICT Demonstrations and Workshops, click on the 'add paper' link and enter the title, abstract, extended summary etc.  On saving this information, the author section will appear with a link to add authors.
    • when submitting a symposium, click on the 'add paper' link that appears below the chairperson, organiser and discussant sections; click on the 'add paper' link and enter the title, abstract, extended summary etc for the first paper.  On saving this information, the author section for that paper will appear with a link to add authors.  Repeat the same process for each of the four papers of the symposium.

    When adding an author, you need to enter the email address of the author, as it appears in that author's ESERA member account (active, pending, expired or temporary).  This will return the contact details of the member as they appear in the ESERA members' database.

  • My extended summary exceeds the word count limit because the system is including the tables in the word count; I thought tables were excluded from the word count. What am I doing wrong?

    Tables should not be included in the extended summary.  Instead, please save each Table as a graphic (eg JPG) and submit it as an Appendix just like you will submit any figures.

    Also please indicate in the text of the extended summary where each table should appear. e.g.

    **** Table 1 here ****

    This way tables do not count in the word limit and you can be sure that the reviewers will actually look at them without any alterations that might be produced on a webpage.

  • When submitting a symposium, does each presenter submit their own paper or does one person submit the entire symposium?

    One person submits the entire symposium, including all the papers, authors, co-authors and symposium participants. To do so you will need the email address included in each author/participant's ESERA membership account.

  • I am organizing a symposium. I know that I have to collect an abstract and the extended summary from each author. What other information do I need from each author in order to be able to submit the symposium?

    You will only need the email address of each author, co-author and participant (chairperson, organiser and discussant) that is registered in their ESERA account in the ESERA members' database.  The rest of their contact details will automatically be retrieved from the ESERA members' database.

    Each author has three options of how to get this:

    • if they have ever been a member of ESERA, they will already have an ESERA account on  To confirm this, they can go to either or  They then need to simply send you the email address in their account for inclusion in your symposium abstract submission.
    • if they have never been a member of ESERA and they would like to become one, they can go to and register as a member. They will need to pay the membership fee and, if registering for student membership, submit their student documentation. They do not need to wait until the whole process is complete;  once they have submitted their registration form they can send you their email address which can be included in the abstract submission form whilst they complete their membership payment.
    • if they have never been a member and they do not wish to become one, they can just become a temporary ESERA member by going to and they can then send you the email address they used to do this. They do not need to pay a membership fee in this case.

    Please note that you will need this email address from each author and co-author for everyone of the papers and also for the Chairperson, Organiser and Discussant.

  • Is it possible to have more than 4 presentations in a symposium?

    Unfortunately, due to time restrictions it is not possible to accommodate additional presentations in a symposium.  Every symposium needs to have a Discussant, hence you could ask one of the interested authors to become a Discussant rather than present a paper.  Alternatively you could expand the whole effort and submit two symposia.

  • How many abstracts can I submit? How many participant roles can I have in the conference?

    You can submit as many abstracts as you choose and be entered as a co-author as many times as you like.  However, each person can be an active participant in the conference at most 4 times and this needs to be taken into account in the submissions as. Also, the following constraints must be kept:

    • Each participant can be the Presenting author of one oral paper and one symposium paper.
    • Each participant can be Coordinator/Chair of no more than one symposium and can be Discussant of one other symposium as a whole.
    • Each participant can be the presenting author of no more than one interactive poster presentation.
    • In total, the maximum number of roles cannot exceed 4.

    Please note that the Coordinator/Chair of a symposium can also be the Presenting Author for one oral presentation in the same symposium. He or she cannot be Discussant of the same symposium.

  • When submitting an abstract, the 'paste' icon is not working in my browser; how can I proceed with my submission if I want to copy the text from a document?

    If the paste icon in the abstract submission form is not working in your browser, please use the ctrl-V command to paste the text. 

  • I am trying to submit an invited abstract, but the system is returning the following error: "You are not entitled to use the invited category in the abstract details". How can I proceed?

    If you are trying to submit an invited abstract and the system is returning the error "You are not entitled to use the invited category in the abstract details", there are two likely causes:

    • there is a mismatch between the email address in your member account and that entered in the Invited Persons' list.  In this case, please check that the email address in your ESERA member account is correct by logging into  If you are still unable to submit your invited abstract, please contact the website administrator via the Contact Us form so that the email address in the Invited Persons' list can be verified.
    • the Invited Person has not been entered in the correct role.  The correct roles are as follows: Keynote Speakers must be entered as the presenting author of the Oral Presentation being submitted; those invited to submit an Invited Symposium must be entered as the Organiser of the Invited Symposium; those invited to submit an Invited Poster must be entered as the presenting author of the Invited Poster.

    If you are still unable to submit your invited abstract, please contact the website administrator via the Contact Us form on the website.

  • I have submitted an abstract but need to make changes to it. Is that possible?

    On submitting an abstract, you can make changes to it until the start of the review process.

    To do so, please go to the Participants' Login page and enter your ESERA username and password.  On logging in, you will be able to view the list of abstracts that are related to your name, i.e. abstracts that you have submitted or which include your name as a symposium participant. For each abstract you can view its status, as well as a link to view the abstract itself.  

    Abstracts that can be edited will display a link to the edit abstract form, which allows you to change the content of your abstract, as well as add/remove authors, symposium participants, etc.  Please note that only the person who submitted the abstract, listed as the 'contact person', can edit an abstract and make changes to it.

  • When submitting an abstract I have accidentally added some empty/incomplete abstracts which are appearing in my Participants' login page. Can you delete them?

    Do not worry, all incomplete abstracts will be deleted when the abstract submission date expires.  Until then just ignore these entries; once you complete the abstract title which appears in this list it will be clear which abstracts are the correct ones.  After the submission expiry date the incomplete abstracts will no longer appear in your list.

  • When is the deadline for abstract submissions?

    The deadline for abstract submissions, registrations, etc. can be found on the Important Dates page of the website.

  • Will all the abstracts presented at the Conference appear in the Conference Proceedings?

    Extended summaries are not automatically published in the proceedings. There will be a second round of submissions of even more extensive versions (6-12 pages) that are reviewed/evaluated for inclusion in the electronic proceedings. This second round takes place immediately after the conference (deadline in Oct 2015). All abstract types are eligible for inclusion in the electronic proceedings through this process. More information about the conference proceedings will be given right after the conference.