AV Instructions

AV technology in the seminar rooms at Messukeskus and the presentation's preparation

The seminar rooms at the Messukeskus, Expo and Convention Center Helsinki are fitted with a laptop, network connection and data/video projector. Genuine resolution of the data projectors varies between 1240 x 768 – 1920 x 1080 (XGA-HD) pixels, depending on the projector. Some of the smaller seminar rooms have 90” LCD screen.

The standard picture ratio for projection on the screen in the seminar rooms is 4:3. The Office programme version on the laptops is 2010.

Images and readability of text in a PowerPoint presentation:

  • The font size in PowerPoint presentations should be at least 24 points. This is to ensure that the text is legible from the back rows in the seminar room. Test the readability: the text should be legible when the presentation is viewed from three metres away on a 17" screen.
  • Adding high-resolution images (scanned or taken with a digital camera) in the PowerPoint slides easily increases the size of the presentation file to dozens of megabytes. This slows down the downloading of the presentation and the changing of slides. The images can be downsized with image processing software before inserting them in the presentation.
  • The highest resolution to be used for a full-screen digital image is 1920 x 1080 pixels, depending on the projector. This is the highest resolution that can be achieved. Usually 72 or 96 dpi is a sufficient resolution for images used in a projected PowerPoint presentation.
  • We recommend that images used in PowerPoint presentations be saved in the JPEG, TIFF or PNG format.
  • More information on image processing and adding images to PowerPoint presentations can be found on the Internet, at

Presenter's own computer, PC or Mac

Presenters may bring their own laptops to use for presenting the presentation material. PCs are connected to the data projector via the VGA port.

For Mac computers, a computer-specific adapter is required for the data projector connection. Please bring the Mac adapter with you.