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Dr. Norman G. Lederman is Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Science Education at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He has taught a full range of graduate (Masters and Doctoral) courses in secondary science education and supervised teaching interns. Dr. Lederman received his Ph.D. in Science Education from Syracuse University (1983); M.S. in Secondary Education from Bradley University (1977); M.S. in Biology from New York University (1973); B.S. in Biology from Bradley University (1971).


Professor Lederman's invited symposium is scheduled for Thursday 3/9 at 9:00 (Location Hall 101). Click on the title of the invited symposium to read the abstract:

"The Key Elements of a Systematic Literature Review: A Symposium on the Handbook of Research on Science Education, Volume II" (Lederman N. G. & Abell S. K. (Eds.), Handbook of Research in Science Education, Vol. 2. New York: Routledge).



The conference organizers and the ESERA board decided to activate the audience even before the physical conference. Professor Lederman's invited symposium is one of these events. Questions to Professor Lederman were requested prior to the conference via a web form (now closed).


Gultekin Cakmakci is Associate Professor of Science Education at Hacettepe University. After completing his first degree, he worked as a Chemical Engineer in the industry for a while. Afterwards, he earned his MA and PhD degrees in Science Education in the United Kingdom. He has involved in several EU projects related to inquiry-based science education (e.g., S-TEAM, SAILS and Mascil). His current research focuses on the use of mass media in science teaching, enhancing the quality of classroom discourse, and public engagement with STEM. He is a member of the scientific committee of the “Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST) Network” and member of the Editorial Advisory Board of “Studies in Science Education."


Professor Cakmakci is unfortunately unable to attend the conference and his invited symposium has been cancelled.


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Symposium organizer(s)
Title of the Invited Symposium
SIG 1Early Years ScienceSymposia 5Esme GlauertTowards research informed approaches to teacher education in early years science
SIG 2Video based research of teaching and learning processesSymposia 1Patrice VenturiniScales issues in video analyses of teaching and learning processes
SIG 3Science education in out-of-school contextsSymposia 3Marianne AchiamThe Relevant in the Room
SIG 4ScienceIEnvironmentIHealthSymposia 3Alla Keselman and
Albert Zeyer
The role of knowledge in new ScienceIEnvironmentIHealth pedagogy
OrganizationGIREPSymposia 3Marisa MicheliniGIREP: Content-focused research on student and teacher learning in the field of optics
OrganizationNARSTSymposia 1Valarie AkersonOn A Mission for Scientific Literacy: Current Status and Recommendations for the Future
JournalChemistry Education Research and PracticeSymposia 3Ingo EilksJournal Symposium: Chemistry Education Research and Practice
JournalCultural Studies in Science EducationSymposia 3Catherine Milne and
Chris Siry
Toward a meaningful science education: Cultural Studies of Science Education
JournalInternational Journal of Science and Mathematics EducationSymposia 5Huann-shyang LinPromoting the quality of science and mathematics education through research: The role of International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education
JournalJournal of Research in Science TeachingSymposia 2Angela Calabrese Barton, Joe Krajcik, and Bob GeierResearch Directions and Highlights in the Journal of Research in Science Teaching
JournalResearch in Science EducationSymposia 3Deborah CorriganResearch In Science Education: Fostering research about the future of science education and the importance of collaboration
JournalScience & EducationSymposia 5Kostas KampourakisScience & Education: Science Education in the Light of History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science
JournalStudies in Science EducationSymposia 5Jim RyderThe contribution of extended literature reviews within science education research: Exemplars from the journal Studies in Science Education
TopicPISASymposia 5Jonathan OsborneThe PISA Science Assessments and the Implications for Science Education:  Uses and Abuses