About Us
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About Us

ESERA 2015 refers to the 11th biannual Conference of the European Science Education Research Association which was founded in Leeds, England, in April 1995. It was also known as ESERA.

ESERA 2015 aims to enhance the range and quality of research training in the field of science education all over Europe. We are providing a forum for collaboration in science education research between European countries. More than that, ESERA 2015 represents the professional interests of science education researchers in Europe. In addition, we are seeking to relate the research to the policy and practice of science education in every part of Europe, promoting links between science education researchers in the continent of Europe and similar communities elsewhere in the world.

This time the conference will be held in The University of Helsinki in Finland. Every time the conference is held, we always choose a university that will host the event in order to get students engaged and educate them about science researches. We also want them to share their research with the international research body. Moreover, we’d like to engage learners to promote a sustainable future.

As always it’s about science and the theme of the 11th conference of ESERA is Science Education Research to engage learners for a sustainable future. We are highlighting the aspects that are applicable in science education research and human beings as responsible for the attainment of a sustainable future which include the need to reflect on different approaches to enhance our knowledge of learning processes, designed or circumstantial, formal or non-formal and in learning and instruction. Highlighting these kinds of themes do not mean underestimating or neglecting other important aspects of science education research and practice.

We hope that you can come and join the ESERA Conference that will be held at the University of Helsinki.