Be well prepared for a cycling holiday
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Be well prepared for a cycling holiday

Be well prepared for a cycling holiday

It is known that Dutch people love cycling, but many also choose to take a holiday by bicycle. However, a bicycle tour through the Netherlands is not something you just do. This requires preparation.

How many kilometers do you expect to be able to cycle every day? What do you take with you? Are you going with children? And where are you going to stop en route? These are all questions that you must take into account in advance.

Training or not?

Not sure whether you should train in preparation for a bike ride through the Netherlands? This is difficult to be determined by someone else. It depends on many factors. If you cycle more often, you are young and you have excellent fitness, you may not need to train. However, this also depends on the type of tour that you want to make. For example, if you want to climb hills in Limburg, it is useful to train on this. But if you stay on flat terrain and do not cover a lot of kilometers in one day, you can usually also start your adventure without training, as long as you are physically (and conditionally) in good order.

What do you take with you?

During a bicycle tour through the Netherlands it is of course not wise to take a lot with you. What you need in your equipment depends on what kind of trip you are going to make. How long are you going? And do you spend the night in a tent? Things like this are all important. Fortunately there is much to be found on the internet about this. Of course you need a good bike and it is also often wise to bring some spare parts and repair items for the bike. A tire pump, a paste set and spare lights are not a luxury. Furthermore, a toilet bag and some food is very handy.
Even when you plan to buy your food on the road, it is wise to have a powerbar or muesli bar on hand for fast, new energy.

Cycling with children?

It is also possible to take a bike ride with children. Especially within the Netherlands it is pleasant, because the distances can then be surveyed. It is not pleasant to make very long trips with small children and possibly also plan a rest day every other day. Special attention should be paid to baggage, since the children actually have to be included in the total weight, it is wise to pack as lightly as possible. On sites such as those of the you will find tips about children more on the bike and various cycle routes.

Bicycles and especially e-bikes are very popular with bicycle thieves. Therefore, do not forget to bring one or more bicycle locks. Most people think that children’s bicycles are not stolen, but unfortunately the opposite is true. So lock your bike (s) securely, for example with a lock from renowned brands such as AXA or ABUS. Tip: you regularly receive discounts on ABUS bicycle locks via the website . So definitely recommended!

Enough rest and food along the way

It is important to eat and drink well along the way. During the bike rides you consume a lot of energy and if your body is not used to cycling whole trips daily, then your body will have to adjust to this during the first few days. How your body reacts to this is different for everyone, but don’t give up too quickly. Take enough rest and nutrients and listen to your body.

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