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Welcome to ESERA 2015’s Frequently Asked Question section of our site. We hope that you find this section useful as you browse through our ESERA website according to your information needs for the 11th ESERA conference that will be held at the University of Helsinki.

*What is the purpose of holding this event?

ESERA 2015 is holding this conference to showcase science education researches for the purpose of engaging learners and students towards a sustainable future.

*Who can join the conference? What are the things that we need to do when we attend this conference?

ESERA 2015 is inviting all researchers to join this conference. Everyone that has interest in this field can come and share your research with an international research community. Also we are trailblazing discussions on pressing issues in environmental education and science and technology research.

*What are you going to do with the science researches that you’ve collected?

We are going to print and publish them as books and ebooks. They will all be available on the online store site. Hence, we help the learners to publish their researches in public for the people who want to read it. This series aims to publish books that are breaking new grounds in the issues they explore, or the formula they use, or the ways in which developing knowledge in the field is represented. It will include edited collections of chapters on specific themes, including handbooks.

*Who are the beneficiaries of these books?

All proceeds will go directly to scholarly communities and other users of research. The goal is to provide funding to researchers so that they continue to produce high quality research in the domain of science. The ESERA 2015 book series will focus primarily on research carried out in Europe. However, it will be affiliated with non-European institutions and non-members of the ESERA.